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Sam and Dean Winchester’s  Chevy Impala, The Metalicar, Baby!

Take another look, it’s not just the sky that hides an evil image, check out the light cast by the headlights ….

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11″x 16″
285mm x 400mm (approx.)

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(no frame)
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USA $35 approx.

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3 reviews for Supernatural

  1. Anna

    We saw Ian Guy at flame and thunder @ santa pod last week and I fell for this supernatural picture immediately! It is now on the living room wall and looks amazing! Beautifully framed and packaged well. I’ve got a feeling it is the first of many we will be buying 😉

  2. Donna

    I bought the Supernatural print a few years ago. I had it immediately framed and now hangs in my study with all my Supernatural memorabilia. Absolutely amazing painting and shows the beauty of “Baby”.

  3. Jane

    Had this now for a number of years and still look at this every day. Love the colour and the content. Please do more Supernatural related.

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