N.B: “At present I am not taking on any more commissioned work. My order book is full for the foreseeable future so I don’t think it’s fair on you to have to wait such a long indefinite time!”

How to Commission the Artist

It’s easier than you might think …

All I need is a photo of the car, bike or subject, a suggestion of the background you’d like, or an idea of how you might like your finished painting to look. (or you can of course leave this bit to me !).
I ask for a small 10% deposit, with your order.

I will give you an idea of the time scale as there is quite a long waiting list for my paintings

I will contact you when your painting is finished, send you a photo or two and ask for full payment. I then send your painting to you.

If you are not completely satisfied I will give you a refund.
“I am proud to say that in over 30 years of business I have never had to do this”

For Commissioning an Original Oil Painting of One Vehicle and simple background (read on for Price Variations)

Canvas size
8″x 10″ (20cm x 25cm approx.) £395  including frame & UK P&P
10″x 12″ (25cm x 30cm approx.) £495  including frame & UK P&P
12″x 16″ (30cm x 40cm approx.) £695  including frame & UK P&P
14″x 18″ (35cm x 45cm approx.) £895  including frame & UK P&P
16″x 20″ (40cm x 50cm approx.) £1195  including frame & UK P&P
20″x 24″ (50cm x 60cm approx.) £1495  including frame & UK P&P
20″x 30″ (50cm x 75cm approx.) £1995  including frame & UK P&P
24″x 36″ (60cm x 90cm approx.) £2650  including frame & UK P&P
I can paint as big as you like……… Contact me for a quote

Price Variations :
There are no hidden extras .
My prices include a Frame and P&P in UK mainland
(Postage to other Countries will cost extra)

The only time the price may differ from the above is;-

When more Cars, the House, Spouse, Children, pets etc. are wanted too

I am very flexible on content and subjects within the painting. I will happily paint more than one car, create a background from your supplied photo, add figures including family & friends, your house, even your dog can appear in your painting.   I can superimpose a portrait – a famous racing driver perhaps, or yourself – giving you two images on one canvas. In fact anything is possible if it can be rendered in paint, just contact me and we can discuss your ideas.

It has been expected of me in the past to include all of these things and more for the initial price of the painting. I am happy to include most things in a painting but obviously at an extra cost determined by the additional work involved.

When there is to be more than one prominent subject in the painting ;-
There is an additional charge of 25%(approx) for one more subject,.
e.g.. An Extra Vehicle
Specific Building
Specific Person
Specific Animal
This would take the price of a 12″ x 16″ painting at the initial price of £695  to £865

And there is an addition charge of 50%(approx) for two more subjects,
e.g.. Extra Vehicle and House
      House and Person
    House and Animal
So therefore there is an additional charge of 75%(approx) for three more, and so on and so forth.


If all the talk of percentages and extra costs has completely blown your mind and left you confused , call me…

Please feel free to contact me with your ideas, we can chat about them,
and I can confirm a definite quote with no obligation to go any further.