Dirty Dancing

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The memorable moment from the Dirty Dancing movie. The setting is Lake Lure, North Carolina, with the addition of Johnny’s (Patrick Swayze) ’57 Chevy.

This Original Oil Painting focuses on the, now iconic, image of Johnny and Baby in the lake.


Johnny’s ’57 Chevy looks on patiently while they practice the all important lift.
Attention to detail includes the broken rear quarter window and, of course, the correct license plate.


Print Size

11″x 16″
285mm x 400mm (approx.)

with WORLDWIDE shipping available
(no frame)
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USA $35 approx.

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2 reviews for Dirty Dancing

  1. Sara

    My favourite movie of all time! I’m buying this!

  2. Donna

    Treated myself to this one and it didn’t dissapoint. I love it! And thank you Ian for signing it.

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