Dodge ‘n’ the Bullitt

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Dodge ‘n’ the Bullitt by Ian Guy

Dodge ‘n’ the Bullitt

I couldn’t resist coming back to this history-making car chase from Bullitt, arguably The Godfather of all car chases.
Even if that Beetle turns up too many times, and there’s too many gear changes throughout the chase. Even if you don’t believe the myths and legends surrounding this legendary movie scene. Or the unplanned moment when Steve Mcqueen over shoots a turn and is seen reversing the Mustang so severely it suffers axle tramping, this being the moment the studio executives pulled the plug on Steve’s plans and brought in professional stunt driver Bud Ekins with a little more experience and skill. And of course there’s Bill Hickman, the stuntman driving the Dodge Charger. Even if that Charger loses at least five hubcaps during the chase, this is still considered the Gold Standard for which all such scenes are held to this day.
This painting shows the unforgettable jumping sequence set in the steep streets of San Francisco.
I’ve mentioned this before but when I paint a scene from a movie I never just recreate a still from the film, that’d be too easy. I like to create a fresh view that doesn’t exist in the movie, my own take on it, otherwise what’s the point really?

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1 review for Dodge ‘n’ the Bullitt

  1. Johnny O

    The best car chase OF ALL TIME!
    You nailed it! and a great read too.
    How many hubcaps?

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