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With this painting of the ’58 Plymouth Fury from the movie “Christine” I tried to emulate the movie.
Just as Cunningham is attracted to the car the first time he sees it, I want the viewer here to fall for this pretty picture of a classic finned beauty that needs saving. Then just as the film slowly gets more and more sinister, so too does this painting as you slowly notice the hidden images within the composition . . .

This painting is possessed! To see the Ghost of Christine try this . . .

Look at the picture above. Concentrate on the small vulture sat on a branch in the middle of the picture (just above the doorway of the building) stare at it for about 30-40 seconds without moving your eyes. Then take a look at a blank wall, ceiling or blank space, near you, and start blinking your eyes and you should see a true Apparition emerging.

Also, if you’re looking at this on a laptop or similar flat screen, tilt the top of the screen away from you until nearly horizontal and keep watching the painting, the ghost of Christine should appear.


Or click HERE and you can see the NEGATIVE  optical illusion of this image . . .

Print Size

11″x 16″
285mm x 400mm (approx.)

with WORLDWIDE shipping available
(no frame)
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USA $35 approx.

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4 reviews for Christine

  1. Chris T

    I’m blown away by this!

  2. Mike

    How can you even think to do this?
    How do paint a whole portrait in negative?
    How do you then hide that portrait into another painting?
    Mind Blown!

  3. Steven Watcher

    This is some scary sh*t, but I had to have it. And you signed it for me Ian thank you and your warped mind!

  4. Bill

    Words fail me. This is AWESOME, like scary Awesome!

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