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“Can’t stay down with three barrels on him, not with three barrels he can’t …”

This is the only time I’ve created a painting of a Shark without painting a shark!

During the making of the movie the model shark didn’t actually work most of the time forcing Steven Spielberg to resort to other means of showing its presence. He had the inspired idea of using distressed yellow barrels, some brilliant acting, cinematography and John Williams’ astounding music to heighten the sense of fear suggesting the presence of the shark when it wasn’t available.

Close up …

“You’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

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11″x 16″
285mm x 400mm (approx.)

with WORLDWIDE shipping available
(no frame)
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USA $35 approx.

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©Artist Ian Guy

2 reviews for JAWS

  1. KevKax

    I loved JAWS the movie! This is a clever concept beautifully executed.

  2. Darren Beels

    I love it when people who get me buy me presents…

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