Hell Train


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This one deserves a longer, closer look …

Look again at the sky and you’ll see ghosts and demons everywhere. And the trackbed rocks and ballast, most of it is made of skulls.

Not everyone sees the Grim Reaper whipping a horse! 

Take another look above the ‘Big Boy’ locomotive, see the large skull? Now look at the skull again closely and you just might see the Grim Reaper within. The skull’s nose it actually the Reaper’s hooded face, the skulls cheekbone is the Reaper’s arm. Now follow the chain whip from his hand as it morphs into lightning with the tip flashing over a horse’s head! The Horse’s head is right at the front of the train, the headlight is its right eye, the flames from the funnel its ear …

See it now?

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285mm x 400mm (approx.)

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