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I wanted to try and capture¬†the feeling of the video for “Gotsta Get paid”

When I paint a car from a movie or, in this case a music video, I never just recreate a still from the film, that’d be too easy. I like to create a fresh view that doesn’t exist in the video, my own take on it, otherwise what’s the point really? And that’s where the painstaking research comes in, leaving me choices like which side of the car do I use. I wanted the composition of this painting to complement the composition of The Eliminator painting I did a couple of years previous. So you’ll see that I flipped a very similar composition and in place of the three band members there are the three girls in Hot Rods chasing the Whiskey Runner across the dry lake …

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I had the great pleasure of meeting Billy Gibbons at the NSRA Supernats at Old Warden in 2010, where I was exhibiting, and he agreed to sign a few prints taken from my original artwork. He also asked for some of these prints for himself.

So I’m proud to think that Billy Gibbons has my artwork hanging on his wall.

Here’s the ‘Gotsta Get Paid’ video

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11″x 16″
285mm x 400mm (approx.)

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USA $35 approx.

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Brown, Black


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