School’s Out


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Schools Out

I’m often asked “If there was one painting you wish you had kept which one would it be?” and my answer is this one. “School’s Out” was a painting that lived up to a classic artist’s cliché, in that it came to me in the night, about 3am, which is perfectly spooky seeing as it was an Alice Cooper image that woke me with a start!
People ask of this painting “where did you start? was it the portrait of Alice Cooper or the school bus in the junk yard?” Well this painting almost painted itself. It might sound corny to say I felt possessed by the ability to paint this one with out too much effort, especially as it’s a painting of Alice Cooper. But that’s how it was. I did one rough sketch to see if the composition in my head would work on paper and ultimately on canvas and as soon as I could see it would I started the painting. Apparently I was “somewhere else” according to my family when I was painting this one. I didn’t speak much and did not want to be disturbed during it’s creation.

By the way, if you haven’t spotted Alice Cooper in the picture yet I suggest you move a good distance away from the screen and squint.

And to complete the tribute to this classic Alice Cooper song the words are right there in the painting.

Reading down through the front of the bus you will see
SCHOOL S on the panel above the screen
OUT on the windscreen
FOR on the grill with a dropped D
EVER on the licence plate EV E12

This is why the painting is of a School Bus in a scrap yard. School’s out for ever for this old work horse.

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11″x 16″
285mm x 400mm (approx.)

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(no frame)
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